Short Story Pro Market 2017

This is the first ever annual edition of the modern masters reference guide, Short Story Pro Market. No competition has ever done a book like this. Inside you get the highest quality, most accurate information on short form literature publishers. If you’re a short story author or an article writer and you are having a hard time finding a publisher that will accept your work or you would like to get paid the top dollar for your piece, this is the guide for you. Only professional paying markets have been included.

My goal is to help every author get their short work out into the hands of the publisher and the world. I want more authors to find success and I believe this book will do just that because no other competitor has done what this book has done. It is concise, to the point, and contains more information than ever before without getting bloated with unnecessary filler material. Plus, it’s cheaper than the competition. This is the ultimate guide to getting short stories published.”

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Book synopsis:

The true no-bull guide to selling and publishing short stories.

Skip the online researching and piles of books. This guide increases your chances of being accepted and gaining a contract instead of the dreaded rejection.

Short Story Pro Market 2017 is the best resource you’ll find to get your short stories and short form literature published. This completely new guide offers over 150 listings of professional paying publishers. Each listing includes the type of publisher, contact information, submission guidelines, pay rate, and other essential information and tips. The information inside contains EVERYTHING needed to submit your work properly and accurately.

Short Story Pro Market leaves out all of the unnecessary filler material. This allows for a clean, organized search without extra confusion and clutter. It simplifies your submission process so you can get directly to the point.

Short Story Pro Market also includes:
• Genre categories such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, crime, thriller,  children’s, historic, nonfiction, literary fiction, travel, outdoors, and more.
• U.S. publishers as well as English-speaking publishers outside the U.S.
• Which rights the publisher requests.
• A brief history of the short story.
• Which publishers require a proposal letter, query letter, cover letter or none.
• Which publishers also accept flash fiction, articles, poetry, pictures, reviews or long      form literature.
• Only publishers who offer the best pay rate in the industry.

Get your foot in the publishing industry much quicker or jump start your freelance career by using Short Story Pro Market.

You can read more about why TC Michael decided to write this book or grab your very own copy here.