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SLPM ’19 Sales Journey #3

It’s been several months since my last sales update for Short Literature Pro Market 2019. In fact, it’s been about four and a half months. In my defense, I’ve been busy! Three spinoff books from SLPM’19, outlining a new book, re-writing a short story, the day job, business-related stuff, and life. So, please forgive me. 😅

Before I jump into the sales info, I will briefly tell you about the three new books. I really will try to be brief!

They are titled: Short Speculative Fiction Pro Market 2019, Short Literary Fiction Pro Market 2019, and Short Nonfiction Pro Market 2019. As indicated by each title, the book only lists professional paying publishers in those select categories. I took the three largest sections from SLPM’19 and created three separate books. Making it cheaper and easier for writers and creators who are only interested in those topics. Prices: ebooks are $2.99 and paperbacks are $6.99. Those prices will most likely never go up. So, it’s a cheaper grab if that’s what you want.

Get to the point, TC!

Okay! Scroll down and I’ll talk about what’s been happening with Short Literature Pro Market 2019.


When Short Literature Pro Market 2019 was release med-February, it was priced at $3.99 for the ebook and $9.99 for the paperback. Originally those prices were only supposed to last until the end of May, however, I extend that through the month of June. On July 1st, the book when to full price, which is $5.99 for the ebook and 12.99 for the paperback. (Still a helluva lot cheaper than Novel & Short Story Writers Market 2019, which is $15 just for the ebook and $30 for the paperback…)

In the last sales update, I had contacted 50 bloggers to either promote the book, let me write a guest article, or to interview me. As of the end of May, I had contacted 100 bloggers. I’d say somewhere around 1/2 of them replied. Out of the 25 that replied, maybe 20 had an opening in their schedule or interest in my article or book. Out of those 20, only about 15 actually posted something. Sad, but that’s how marketing works. Especially with little to no budget. Most of my guest articles or blogs that feature the book can be found in old blogs or one my Facebook. I have sent about two more newsletters since March (including with the new books) and I also did a giveaway during June or only my newsletter subscribers. Of course, I also post about the book on all of my social media accounts, but primarily Instagram and Facebook. Usually not to self-promote, but to share the small successes of hitting lists on Amazon.

Recently I have decided to try to get further annual editions into the hands of a good publisher. This will take some of the load off my shoulders and give me help with things like cover design, formatting, promoting, etc. No luck so far, but I’ve only been querying agents for a week. I have queried 34 so far. The goal is a minimum of 100 if I don’t get any interest before that. I have only received 2 ‘No’s’ thus far.

Also in my last sales update, I didn’t have any reviews for SLPM’19, well I have some now! Six 5-star reviews on Amazon and 5 5-star reviews on Goodreads. I have NEVER paid anyone to review this book or any others that I’ve written.

Also, I sponsored an episode of a new podcast called Sip Happens! Here’s their Facebook. And, I have reached out to the HillBilly Horror Stories podcast and Hank Garner at the Author Stories podcast. No response yet.

Lastly, I currently have an Instagram ad active. It’s my first! And, as you may have noticed, my website has been updated slightly.

Marketing Going Forward

My plans going forward: I’m going to keep querying agents. I will run a prize giveaway for anyone who purchases a copy of ANY of the four books in the ’19 series, I’m going to reach out to a few authors to propose cross-promotion, I will contact several writing/book podcasts, several book Youtubers, and I will direct-inbox writers who are specifically interested in short form publishing. I may reach out to libraries as well, either starting local or starting with large metro areas around the country. Aside from those things, there will still be talks of the book on social media. If there are any good deals on the book, I will contact a list of bloggers for help promoting.


In the last update, I only had six sales; three ebooks and three paperbacks. Jumping forward to mid-July I have 22 paid sales (including 3 Kindle Unlimited downloads). 9 paperbacks, 10 ebooks, 3 Kindle Unlimited downloads. I have given away roughly 5 ebooks and 3 paperbacks. So, if we add those freebies to the list, SLPM’19 has 30 sales. This doesn’t include any of the sales from the three new books. However, a few of those sales spikes triggered Amazon’s algorithm to bump the book into the top 20 for the Directories bestseller list.

The book went from 6 copies sold last time to 30 copies sold. Still not great, but still an improvement. Look at these small successes, though.

I think that will about wrap it up! I will publish another update sometime in the next few weeks to the next few months. Sorry if it takes four months again.

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Grab your copy of Short Literature Pro Market 2019 here.

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