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SLPM ’19 Sales Journey #2

Tracking the sales and marketing for Short Literature Pro Market 2019

It’s time for the second sales update! I published my first blog post on February 9th, so it’s only been about three weeks, but a few things have gone on since then.

Short Literature Pro Market 2019 has appeared on multiple blogs as well as sent out to those who are subscribed to my email list. I also wrote an article about becoming successful in the short literature industry. You can read that article here. Below are the links to a few of the blogs where the book appeared.


The pre-order ended on February 16th and the book price remained at a good sale price ($3.99 ebook and $9.99 paperback). It still holds at that price and will for a little bit longer before going to full price. With that being said, I have not paid for any advertising… yet.

My marketing has included pitching 50 out of 100 bloggers (so far). 11 have responded, only about 5 of those 11 have accepted my query to either guest post, interview or promote. Not a great acceptance rate, but I’ll keep moving forward on that front. I post a little about my book and the current sale or articles I’ve written on my Facebook, Twitter and blog. The interaction has been about the same as it was the I made my last blog post about it – which is not a ton. I’ve sent two email newsletters so far. Some people may ask why not weekly. Well, I HATE being email spammed and I hate having my inbox junked up. So, I don’t want to do that to my readers and followers. It’s not okay.

I don’t have any reviews yet, but also the book has been out for less than two weeks. However, if you’ve purchased a copy of Short Literature Pro Market and have had a chance to look through it, please be so kind as to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

I still have plans to continue marketing this book, both free and paid.


In my last post on February 9th, I only had one pre-order. Now, to date, I have six sales, three ebooks and three paperbacks. Not great, not even good, but I am extremely grateful for all of those who purchased a copy. There are also several Kindle Unlimited readers who barrow the book. Lastly, some readers are still purchasing the old edition. The new one is the exact same price as the old one right now while it’s on sale – so grab the new one!

So, in a two week period, sales went from 1 to 6. Up 5! It’s progress.

I will update this journey in a few weeks!

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