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SLPM’19 Sales Journey #1

Tracking the sales and marketing for Short Literature Pro Market 2019

This is the first installment/update effort in tracking my sales and marketing efforts for Short Literature Pro Market 2019. As stated in a previous post, I am going to attempt to update my blog semi-regularly with this information. This book is independently published and the only marketing budget is what comes out of my pocket. There is no publishing house budget.

So far…

Short Literature Pro Market 2019 has been on Amazon for less than two weeks as a pre-order. The pre-order date goes through February 16th, where then it will be available for immediate purchase. On the 16th, both the ebook and paperback will be available.

Both versions will be available at a lower sale price for two weeks following the official release date. Once these two weeks are over, the book will go to full price, which will be as follows – along with the sale price.

  • Ebook SALE: $3.99
  • Paperback SALE: $8.99
  • Ebook full price: $6.99
  • Paperback full price: $14.99

There have been limited marketing and promoting efforts thus far. Mostly blog posts, newsletters, Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram posts, contacting those who reviewed the old edition on Goodreads, and contacting bloggers. I’ll break it down a little more.

My blog posts: This is only the third blog post that has mentioned the book. I don’t want to bog down my blog with self promotion, but I’m also not on my blog as much as I should be, so when I am on it, I try to inform my readers and friends about what is going on with my work. Stats are: first post: 23 views, 5 likes, 1 comment. Second post: 15 views, 11 likes. (Follow my blog.)

Social media: As usual for authors and self-promoters, there isn’t usually a ton of interaction on social media when you post about your own products. A lot of authors have this problem, including myself, but I also try to share other content to break it up. I don’t like my online profiles to come off as greedy, self-centered, begging, etc. Here’s a few Facebook examples:

Twitter: Nothing really happening there. I posted once about the release and gained no traction with almost 1,500 followers. Instagram has done better considering I only created my account about a week ago. 28 followers – I’ve only posted four times, three of which are about the book. Likes as follows in order: 15, 17, 19, 18. I’ve sent out one newsletter with the release announcement. With maybe 15-20 Goodreads messages sent, I haven’t had any responses as of yet.

Other bloggers: I’ve pitched to 25 bloggers so far about guest posting, interviews, book release info and book review. I’ve offered every one of them an opportunity to swap where I will return the favor or share a link to their blog. Out of the 25 that I contacted, 5 have gotten back to me. One with an immediate no, three have responded with either a yes, maybe or a follow up for later and one has not responded. My goal is to pitch to a total of 100 before the release date.

Possible Marketing: There will be continued marketing and promoting efforts and brainstorming. Some ideas and possibilities include: paid marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Goodreads and Adwords. I have contacted two renowned PR/marketing firms, but both were outrageously over priced for marketing one book. As in $950 at one and $1,300 at another. There is also ARC reviewing for Goodreads and Amazon, review swaps, and pitches to other local and not-local authors to swap newsletter articles. Other things too, I’m sure.

So, Sales…

Technically no “sales” yet because it’s currently a pre-order, but the amount of pre-orders so far? Eh… one. As in ONE… Better than zero, but it’s far from a good number. Regardless, myself and those who decide to help me will continue pushing forward on this journey!

That’s it for now, keep up with me for my next update. Thanks for reading!

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