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Pre-Order the Lost Years Today!

Pre-order The Lost Years by Stacey Ritz, published by Rockville Publishing. The release date is March 1st!

From the Amazon listing:

We may not control our circumstances, but we can control our choices… 

WE ARE ALL COLLECTING MEMORIES; moments that stay with us, forever imprinted on our hearts and minds. We store these moments, letting them shape who we are and who we become. But what do we do with the unwanted memories; the ones that haunt us?

At thirty-two, Rainie Amburger has pushed everyone from her past aside to start a new life. She is finally dating someone who might be the one. Despite her past, she has created a life that allows her to be in control and surrounded by those she can trust at her Kentucky Farm Rescue and Sanctuary.

Estranged for years, Veronica Jorgenson never forgot her older sister Rainie. Her married life with Andrew is full of smiles and pleasantries. But Veronica is learning that smiles can be deceptive. After several odd events, she is beginning to wonder what Andrew may be hiding behind his jovial smile. What she is uncovering about the truth of her perfect-looking life places who she is and what she believes into question. 

Nearly sixty, Sarah-Jayne has spent her life as a caretaker to her ailing husband. She sacrificed her dreams and any shred of dignity to care for a man who could never be bothered to properly care for himself. When her husband is involved in a fatal accident, despite having each gone their separate ways, the incident brings the mother and her two daughters to the beaches of Corolla, North Carolina. There, the three women are tested against their past and against their individual struggles. And there, with the backdrop of aquamarine waves, Rainie runs into her childhood best friend and high school sweetheart, Milo Rivers – someone she thought she left behind fourteen years ago. 

The Lost Years is the story of the bond between sisters, of mothers and daughters and of finding the courage and strength to leave the past behind and welcome what lies ahead, even when it looks vastly different than what was expected. Ultimately, The Lost Years is a story of hope, love and connection in the face of fear and despair. 

Get you pre-ordered copy here.

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