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It has been in the works for a year and is long overdue. It is high time that an affordable and updated short form literature pro guide is released. Short form writers need reliable information with as much detail as possible for success. Similar information might be able to be found with an abundance of patience and plenty of frustration and time, however, why spend days and weeks researching? Everything is in one place! The NEW guide is well-researched, updated, accurate and cheap.

From the old edition:

  • “An absolute must have for new writers, and more than enough information to interest those already writing.”
  • “A Great Tool For Short Story Writers Wanting To Get Published.”
  • “All the resources you need in one book”
  • “A must have for authors of any level.”
  • “Excellent resource!”
  • “An essential guide to short story markets”
  • “Read this book if you want to get your short stories published!”
  • And more!

*The previous edition received a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and a 4.85 out of 5 star rating on Goodreads.

Announcing ‘Short Literature Pro Market 2019’

Available for pre-order nowShort Literature Pro Market brings you over 170 well-researched, professional paying short form publishers. Every publisher has all of their submission requirements and requests listed beneath them – typically 16 or more requirements for each. All publishers are organized by genre, many of which publish in multiple genres. Within the guidelines, you will find things such as the pay rate, submission dates and deadlines, country of publication, primary language, special requests, submission formats, response time, simultaneous submission acceptances, reprint acceptances, cover letter requirements, length, website, special disclosures, no’s, about, and more! There is a ton packed in this one reference book with no filler material to slow down writers seeking the right publisher.

There is a lot to say about this book. Here are ten key points to consider:

  1. E-book and paperback available
  2. Very low pre-order sale price
  3. Priced below competing guides by 50% or more
  4. A trusted and known guide returning to help writers get published
  5. The first edition received high praise
  6. There is NO filler material to bog down the reader or inflate cost
  7. Only professional paying publishers are listed inside
  8. Includes freelance, article, nonfiction and fiction publishers (over 170)
  9. Offers many publishers outside of the United States
  10. Lists as many required guidelines as possible

Of course there are more than ten reasons to purchase or pre-order this beneficial guide, but if you still aren’t sold, then read some of the reviews for the previous edition here.

Get a solid start and a big leap ahead of the game early in 2019, grab your copy here! Oh, and feel free to contact me any time on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, or with the contact form.

Paperback out mid-February 2019

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