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Book Sale

Short Story Pro Market 2017 is now on sale!

Hello everyone,

I want to officially announce the “End of Summer” book sale for Short Story Pro Market 2017. Many short form literature publishers open their submission gates in early autumn. So, this submission guidebook will be on sale just in time to help you find publishers wanting your work. There are over 150 professional paying publishers listed inside, so there is no shortage of your options. But hurry, because the sale has already begun. It will run from August 25th – 31st.

Don’t be mislead by the words “Short Story” in the title. This book is packed with publishers who accept and publish work outside of short stories and outside of the fiction umbrella. You’ll find markets in nonfiction, creative nonfiction, literary, interviews, topic-specific articles, outdoors, games, poetry, etc. If you do write genre pieces, you have plenty of choices, too. You’ll get fantasy, science fiction, horror, steampunk, romance, mystery, suspense, thriller, children’s, young adult, crime, history, etc. Also, you get a variety of lengths: poetry, flash fiction, short story, novella, and even novel. Whatever you write, this book lists only publishers who will pay you top dollar.

As you can see, there is absolute, without a doubt, something inside this book for every writer. You have choices upon choices with all of the information you’ll need right in front of you. So what are you waiting for? Get in on this great deal before it’s over!

Click here for the eBook sale. The eBook is 50% off!

Click here for the paperback sale. The paperback is $5 off! Use coupon code: WA6ZJX65

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