Month One in Publication

Short Story Pro Market 2017 was published one month ago…

Lets see how it’s done so far.

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The timeline:

  1. Mid-summer of 2016: The idea was born through frustration. Then, I planned, researched and wrote the book.
  2. Mid to late winter of 2016/17: Several publication and pre-order deadlines rolled by as my perceived completion date kept changing and more edits came up.
  3. January 30th 2017: Short Story Pro Market 2017 was finally available for pre-order as an eBook.
  4. February 1st – March 31st: All of my writing energy and time was put into the marking, promoting and publicity of Short Story Pro Market 2017.
  5. March 31st 2017: Short Story Pro Market 2017 was officially published and available worldwide as and eBook and paperback.
  6. March 31st – April 6th: The first week that the book was available for purchase, it reached #30 in one of the Amazon categories (Kindle store>Kindle eBooks>Reference>Catalogs & Directories>Directories). It was also in the top 100 in another category. This was largely due to the amount of pre-ordered copies.
  7. April 6th – April 30th: Short Story Pro Market has garnered very good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, held #30 on the list mentioned above for several days and gained numerous sales.
  8. February 1st – April 30th: Ever since the pre-order was available, the book or myself (through interviews and guest posts) has been featured on seven blogs and shared around various social media accounts.

So, why haven’t you grabbed a copy yet? 😉

To conclude:

The time it took to plan and write this book took some time but it seems to have already started helping many a writer. Through sales and reviews I can see that those who give Short Story Pro Market 2017 a chance are not disappointed.

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Titan guarding me while I write.

Amazon Review:

I’ve always wondered about how to break into writing, and specifically about how to do it with short stories. However, I’ve never come across any good information until I read this book. Short stories are, in my opinion, not only the easiest way to get your name out, but also to develop your style and skills without having to commit massive amounts of time to writing hundreds of pages. Mr. Michael has done a great job in his book outlining the ins and outs, the history, as well as all the pitfalls and tips that can help leverage short stories into marketable commodities. I would recommend this book to anyone trying to break into the short story field. Well done Mr. Michael!!!

Amazon Review:

We had a published author come and speak in my english class and i learned more from this book then i did from them!!!!

Goodread Review:

Fabulous resource for freelancing writers!

Short Story Pro Market 2017 truly is the freelance writer’s indispensable map to selling their work. Catering to author’s of both fiction & non-fiction, this book is an absolute goldmine in terms of both publishing opportunities and industry contacts for the US, UK, Europe and plenty of other English speaking countries.

The first guidebook I have ever seen to provide an in-depth list of the worldwide opportunities presented by both magazine and publishers of short stories actively seeking submissions in 2017.
All the publishers and magazines included in this book are bona fide paying markets and have set above average minimum pay rates.

Short Story Pro Market 2017 is very comprehensive guide to selling to the magazine market- brimming with over 150 pages of advice, active publishing contacts, up to date practical submissions requirements and current opportunities of reputable well paying market players.

Author T.C Michael has produced the essential guide to the magazine and short story markets.
He even provides insider hints as to the preferences of particular magazines: such as favored genres & preferred themes, issues of particular interest, suggested word count range, query information and full details of any “no go zones” (areas such as explicit sexual content or word find puzzles).

If you are a freelance writer, take the great advice that is in Short Story Pro Market 2017.
This book has the potential to significantly boost your freelancing horizons!

So far there are a total of 12 Amazon reviews and 18 Goodreads reviews. I want to send a BIG thank you out to all those who purchased this book and left a kind review! 😃

Would you like to try Short Story Pro Market 2017? Get it here.

Until next time,

TC Michael

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