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Short Story Pro Market 2017 is Out Now

Today is the big day, Short Story Pro Market 2017 is officially released and available for purchase world wide! It is available as an e-book or paperback.


The true no-bull guide to selling and publishing short stories.

Skip the online researching and piles of books. This guide increases your chances of being accepted and gaining a contract instead of the dreaded rejection.

Short Story Pro Market 2017 is the best resource you’ll find to get your short stories and short form literature published. This completely new guide offers over 150 listings of professional paying publishers. Each listing includes the type of publisher, contact information, submission guidelines, pay rate, and other essential information and tips. The information inside contains EVERYTHING needed to submit your work properly and accurately.

Short Story Pro Market leaves out all of the unnecessary filler material. This allows for a clean, organized search without extra confusion and clutter. It simplifies your submission process so you can get directly to the point.

Short Story Pro Market also includes:
•Genre categories such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, crime, thriller, children’s, historic, nonfiction, literary fiction, travel, outdoors, and more.
•U.S. publishers as well as English-speaking publishers outside the U.S.
•Which rights the publisher requests.
•A brief history of the short story.
•Which publishers require a proposal letter, query letter, cover letter or none.
•Which publishers also accept flash fiction, articles, poetry, pictures, reviews or long form literature.
•Only publishers who offer the best pay rate in the industry.

Get your foot in the publishing industry much quicker or jump start your freelance career by using Short Story Pro Market.

This book will change your writing career, it has already been used by several authors and writers.

Why I wrote Short Story Pro Market 2017:

Short Story Pro Market is a reference book created to assist you in the publication process of your short stories. It will help guide you in finding a publisher by providing you with the necessary information needed. There are over 150 publishers listed inside. Think of this book as a “tool”, one you can constantly look back on with any questions you may have. This book is designed to provide as detailed information about each publisher as possible, as long as the information is necessary in submitting to a given publisher.

As indicated by the title, this book contains ONLY professional paying markets, which have been verified by their websites and other online information.

Short Story Pro Market provides authors a huge head start in finding a publisher by helping you avoid agonizing over countless grueling hours of online searches, comparisons, queries, and complications. You save precious time by having everything in one place from publisher names and websites to the accepted document format. It’s all inside.

The idea to write this reference and guidebook came as a result of my frustration when I was trying to find paying publishers for my short stories. Sure, there are many paying publishers out there, but how well do they actually pay? That began a grueling search for a well-paying publisher. Searching for publishers, especially legitimate publishers and, even more importantly, paying publishers, takes a lot of time and patience. When seeking a professionally paying publisher, though, that time is extended drastically and that patience is stretched near breaking point.

So, as I sat in front of a computer screen or flipped through pages of books for countless hours, I came to the conclusion that writers, especially short story writers, needed a better method or venue for finding the perfect publisher that will pay the best price for their work. I realized that my search was wasting too much valuable time that instead I could apply myself to submitting my stories, writing queries or even revising editor feedback.

After coming up with the idea to create a reference book solely for short stories and short form literature, I decided I wanted it to concentrate on the best, highest paying publishers in the market. So I ensured it did. This book lists publishers that fall under the highest paying tier, which is the pro paying market. You will be hard set to find any publisher that pays better rates than those listed inside Short Story Pro Market 2017.

But I wanted to go even further. I wanted to go above and beyond what any competition might offer. I decided to list not only short story publishers in the fiction field but nearly all other short form publishers. This ranges from historical nonfiction and creative nonfiction to religious and travel to outdoor and sports. Not only will you find all of the major genres inside, but you will also find niche magazines and children’s publishers. Still, I took it a step further. Of the 150+ publishers I researched and listed, I noted which ones publish things other than short literature. These notes include flash fiction publishers, poetry publishers, novel publishers, fact publishers, article publishers, game publishers, etc.

Not surprisingly, I still wanted to do one better. I researched and added all of the necessary and required information for every single publisher listed and then some. I want everything an author needs about the publisher to be inside. Not just the basics such as contact information and where to submit, but how much the publisher pays, how to get in touch with the editors, which documents are accepted, what length is required, which genres, what country the publisher is in, what rights they request, whether simultaneous submissions are accepted, whether they republish work, what they especially want, what they don’t want, and so much more. I want the author and purchaser of this book to really feel like they get the biggest bang out of their buck. I want true value to be added not only to the information inside but to the information retained by the reader.

My goal is to help every author get their short work out into the hands of the publisher and the world. I want more authors to find success and I believe this book will do just that because no other competitor has done what this book has done. It is concise, to the point, and contains more information than ever before without getting bloated with unnecessary filler material. Plus, it’s cheaper than the competition. This is the ultimate guide to getting short stories published.

That is my story behind this book.

I’ve talked about this book in several previous blog posts that you can find on my blog. You can also find several other blogs that it has appeared on (I provided a link in a previous blog post).

Grab your copy of the book here. You can also take a look at some of the reviews on Goodreads.

Until next time,

TC Michael

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