Short Story Pro Market E-Tour

Hello all,

I just want to announce the virtual tour that my new book, Short Story Pro Market 2017 will be on this week. As you may or may not know, this book has been available for pre-order for over a month now and will be officially released for purchase on March 31st. So, this tour is wrapping up the pre-order marketing and helping kick off the official release.

Details below: (The schedule can also be found here)

March 24th: Feature on the I Hear Reading website.

March 26th: Guest post on the Editing Pen blog here.

March 27th: Promo post on Mello & June, it’s A Book Thing Blog.

March 29th: Promo post on 411 on Books, Authors and Publishing.

March 30th: Guest post on Tiffany Shand’s blog.

March 31st: Book review on Read Day and Night.


Also, outside of this tour I will have an additional feature and interview on two other blogs that I will link to in the near future.

I hope you can find time to join me and these bloggers on this virtual tour to learn more about my new book, Short Story Pro Market 2017. If you’re an author who writes short stories, articles or any other short form literature, this book will help you find a publisher for your work and you’ll get paid the best rate available.

Here’s some previous blog posts about Short Story Pro Market 2017, how it can change your writing career and why you need this book.

New Book Pre-Order

Make More Money Writing

Get Paid to Write

Inside Short Story Pro Market

Read more on my book page here.

Until next time,

TC Michael

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