Inside Short Story Pro Market

Short Story Pro Market 2017 was written for ALL short form authors.

This new book was written purposely for short form authors who wish to make money off of their work, hobbies, or interests. Short Story Pro Market 2017 contains a list of over 150 professional paying publishers in categories such as short stories, flash fiction, poetry, articles, interviews, reviews, games, etc. There’s something for everyone.

Just to clarify, when I say “professional paying” I mean those publishers have been researched and verified to pay the minimum required rate to be listed in this book. The minimums are either 6¢/word or $30/page. Basically the same rates set as part of the eligibility requirement for a publisher to join SFWA.

The point of this post is not only to introduce you to this new reference guidebook for authors, which I like to refer to as a tool, but to tell you a little bit about what’s inside.

The basics on what you’ll find in Short Story Pro Market:

  • Genres such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, crime, thriller, romance, children’s, humor, etc. It also includes a huge list of literary fiction publishers.
  • Non-genres such as nonfiction, creative nonfiction, historical, topic articles, travel, outdoors, interviews, games, children’s learning, comedy, religious, etc.
  • A brief background on short stories.
  • Over 150 professional paying publishers.
  • Submission type (online, email, snail mail).
  • Open dates and periods.
  • Publishers response time.
  • Pay rate.
  • Whether simultaneous submissions are accepted.
  • Whether a cover letter is required (as well as query letter or proposal).
  • Which genres the publisher will accept.
  • Which formats the publisher wants to piece submitted in (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, etc.).
  • Required length of the material being submitted.
  • Publication platform (magazine, e-zine, anthology, collection, website, newsletter, mailing list, podcast, etc.).
  • Which country the publisher resides in and will publish the material in.
  • What rights are requested.
  • Query inform (publishers email or editors email).
  • Whether reprints are accepted.
  • Whether unsolicited manuscripts are accepted or if they need to be solicited by an agent.
  • What the publisher specifically does not want, is not interested in, and will not accept.
  • Special disclosures (items that will improve your chances of acceptance by that specific publisher).
  • Publishers website.
  • Information, background/history, or quotes from the publisher.
  • All publishers listed are primarily English-speaking/publishing, but they may translate and publish in other languages.

Example (without showing everything): * this isn’t the format that is inside the book, the information inside is listed in primarily table format. (*** means you must read the book to get this information)

Genre: Children’s

Publisher: Babybug

Submissions: Online

Open: Always

Response time: ***

Pay: ***

Simultaneous Submissions: ***

Cover Letter: Not required

Genres: Young children and toddlers

Format: ***

Length: Six-sentence maximum

Pub. Platform: Magazine

Country: USA

Rights: ***

Query Info: ***

Reprints: Accepted

(Un)solicited: Unsolicited manuscripts accepted

No’s: ***

Disclosures: Publishes poetry

Website: ***

About: ***

Sometimes additional information is added under each publisher. This was a simple listing because typically the “disclosure” section is full with more information. Same goes for the “No’s” section.


Short Story Pro Market 2017 truly provides absolutely everything necessary to increase your chances of getting your short work published and making top dollar. These publishers have been thoroughly researched for quality and honesty and have been proven to pay the highest rate possible. There are so many benefits to list, but that information is available in the places below as well as the previous blog posts I’ve created to talk about this book.

Short Story Pro Market 2017 can be preordered on Amazon today.

You can read more information about it on its designated webpage.

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Want more information? Contact me using the form below.

If you are an author or writer and you would like to get paid for your writing, then this book is perfect for you. It was written for you. Give it a chance and improve your writing career and income today.

Until next time,

TC Michael


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