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Get Paid To Write

So you’re a writer and you would like to get paid for your work…

If you are a writer I’m assuming you would like to get paid for your writing. Unless I’m mistaken and you love working for free, then you’re in the wrong place. But, I bet you would like some monetary compensation for the hundreds, thousands, and millions of words you put down on the page.

I don’t believe any writer should publish their work for free unless it is by choice for the purpose of a nonprofit or other good intention, such as a blog post about something you or someone you know is going through. Just don’t do it! Promotional material aside, you deserve to get paid for your writing. At least taking into consideration that you have put in as much effort as possible to make the writing beautiful. Laziness is not acceptable if you want to get paid to write.

Lets commence with the purpose of this post…


You want to make money writing and I want to help you.

I have been down the same path and have yearned to make money off my own writing. I’ve dealt with countless frustrating hours searching for the right publisher that will pay me and pay me more than a few coppers. Looking for a decent publisher that is not a scam and is not dealing with financial hardship is what many of us strive for. It’s excruciating doing all that research because you’ve already spent your precious time writing your piece and you don’t want to deal with the added stress or waste of time. Let me tell you, you don’t have to. I’ve gone through those grueling hours of research to find the perfect publisher and I’ve done it numerous times. I have learned how to weed out those that are frauds, those that claim they’ll offer popularity to their writers, and those that pay pennies. I have compiled a LONG list of publishers that ONLY pay the best rate possible; that is the top paying tier, the professional paying market.

This list I have compiled is a side effect of my frustration and a justification to other authors that they no longer need to waste their time. Trust me, the searches I have gone through to find just the right publishers have added up over the last few years and I finally came to the conclusion that I need one giant compilation of all short form publishers. Something that only includes publishers for things like short stories, articles, flash fiction, novellas, reviews, interviews, etc. Something that cuts out all the filler bullshit like you’ll find in commercially published writing guides. I wanted all the resources in one place where I could flip through a few pages and scan through all genres possible. Fantasy, science fiction, horror, romance, crime, thriller, mystery, children, literary fiction, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, historical, travel, outdoors, etc, etc! Basically I was done wasting my own time. So, I created Short Story Pro Market 2017.


This remarkable guide is used as a navigation tool for all authors. It is full of every singe resource you need to get your short work accepted and published. And guess what? As I said earlier, there are ONLY reputable, high paying publishers listed inside. You won’t find anything below the professional paying rate, which means you will make the most from your writing using this one guide. Let me give you another reason to care about this book, it’s cheap. Oh yes, indeed. It is by far cheaper than any other major competition and no other writers/publishers reference book contains the same level of quality,  information or facts. This is a one of a kind. Let me finish off this post by giving you more information on why I say that.

Inside Short Story Pro Market:

  • You get access to ONLY pro paying publishers
  • You get access to the best short form publishers in every genre and non-genre
  • You get access to ALL of the required information to be successfully published
  • You get access to additional information that increases your chances of success
  • You save time by not having to do all the researching
  • You get access to which publishers want a proposal letter, query letter or none at all
  • You will be provided with all of the contact information to the publisher/editor
  • You will know what the exact pay rate of the publishers is
  • You will know which country the publisher resides in and what rights they want
  • You will know what not to send them that may ruin your chances completely
  • You get access to the type of material the publishers accepts (short story, article, poetry, etc.)
  • You will quickly get your foot in the door and gain more experience in the publishing industry, or you will gain a huge jump-start in your freelance career.


This is not meant to be a sales pitch but I want to put everything upfront and on the table for you. I can’t force you to buy this book, but I will say it could positively change your career forever. Truly, the sole purpose of this book is to help other writers who were in my situation. The only reason I wrote this book was to improve the quality of the short form writers market and to give authors a step up and boost their career. Even if you have already had a few pieces published, this guide is still meant for you because it provides everything you need. Your career could also go from amateur and unpublished to professional and published. Inside you will find some of the highest quality publishers in the industry and they can be a huge game changer for authors. Plus, most of them accept new authors!

If you would like to learn more about the book or why I decided to write it, visit the book’s page here.

If you are interested in Short Story Pro Market 2017 at all, then please visit the Amazon page here.

I hope you’ll take the time to think about how good of an opportunity this could be and also how you could be saving your valuable time and even your hard-earned money when comparing other reference and guide books.

Until next time, I wish you all the best.

TC Michael


PS: I am doing a $5 Amazon gift card giveaway entry for anyone who signs up for my monthly newsletter or anyone who gets others to sign up. The two best methods to sign up are to visit my website here and fill out the pop up form or send me an email letting me know you would like to join.

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