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It’s your time to finally make good money writing


Have you ever wanted to make more money as a writer? Do you have some short stories buried in a drawer somewhere or saved on an old floppy disk or flash drive? Do you have old magazine pieces or articles that were never accepted? Do you have a good idea for a story but don’t know if it will fit anywhere? Is there a topic you want to write about but you’re not sure where to start? Well, I’m here to tell you that I have the exact thing that will answer all your questions.

Short Story Pro Market 2017 is the perfect fit for anyone looking to make more money with professional paying publishers. This includes all genre fiction but also nonfiction, creative nonfiction, history, biography, literary fiction, popular topics such as outdoors, sports, and so much more. This reference guide lists publishers for magazines, e-zines, websites, anthologies (print and online), newsletters, podcasts and more. It is important to all writers because it lists the best paying publishers in every category for every genre and non-genre. There’s plenty of room for short stories, flash fiction, novellas, poetry, reviews, articles, games, and more. What you need as a writer seeking publication can be found inside.

You might wonder what makes the publishers “pro paying”. Easy, they pay the highest tier of all short form publishers (common tiers: pro, semi-pro, token/penny, free). Yes, they have been verified as professional paying. The rates required to be listed in Short Story Pro Market 2017 are as follows: a minimum of 6¢/word or $40/page. So, if you are accepted with one of these publishers you will make the most money possible with your piece.

Not only will authors get access to ONLY professional paying publishers, they will get a complete list of over 150 publishers. Also included is the required information for every publisher as well as recommended information that will improve your chances of acceptance and success. Some of this information includes the exact pay rate of the publisher, length of manuscript, open submission dates, accepted submission formats, publisher country, forms of work accepted, genre, and many more things. Several publishers even accept republication, which gives you further opportunity to increase your earnings.

Want to learn more about what Short Story Pro Market 2017 can do for you? If you don’t truly believe this guide can change your writing career, then feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to provide more information. This book has been extensively researched and formatted to further the careers of every single writer while simultaneously providing them with better pay.

You can find me at one of the below listed online locations or contact me directly from my website. You can also read more on the designated page for the book here.

I hope you will choose Short Story Pro Market 2017 to further your career and I will look forward to any questions you may have.

– TC Michael

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