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A Writers New Best Friend

Hello dear friends, followers, and fans. I have an exciting announcement to make…

This month I have finally placed my latest book on pre-order. I have poured countless hours of blood, sweat and tears into this book. My fingers spent so much time diligently and furiously typing that they actually began to bleed. (Now that would be a crazy thing to see, wouldn’t it?) This book is, as I said above, a writers new best friend. Let me explain why I said that.

This new writers reference and guidebook is a tool for short form authors, article writers, reviewers, poets, and more. I have created this book to be a tool for all authors interested in any type of short form writing because it holds absolutely all of the critical and required information needed to get published by one or several of the best publishers around today. Not only that, but you the writer or reader, will get so much extra insightful information out of it that there’s almost no way to fail using this guide (granted you write a decent piece and have it edited nicely). This new book is titled Short Story Pro Market 2017it is the first annual edition in what will become a yearly, updated, and improved line of market listings under the Short Story Pro Market name.

First annual edition: Short Story Pro Market 2017

Here’s a simple and not nearly complete list of what you will get out of this book. There is much more to offer than what is below.

  • ONLY professional paying publishers listed. I have researched thoroughly to ensure the publisher meets the requirements to be a top-tier paying publisher. If your work gets accepted then you will be compensated at the highest rate.
  • ONLY verified publishers listed. This means all of the publishers inside will be publishing works, whether they are currently open or temporarily closed to submissions. (All of the contact information is listed if a publisher has decided to close.)
  • MULTIPLE genres are listed, including children’s, fantasy, science fiction, horror, crime, thriller, romance, historical nonfiction, creative nonfiction, literary fiction, mystery, travel, outdoors, and more.
  • ALL of the necessary and required information is included for each and every publishers and then some. I have researched what each publishers requires before work is submitted to them, but I have also included information such as items they like to see, but don’t require. This improves odds of acceptance.
  • OVER 150 verified professional paying publishers listed. Many people don’t think that hundreds of short form publishers pay a professional rate. Yes, indeed they do. This isn’t all of them, just the ones that could be verified at the time of writing the book.
  • NO filler material has been added to fluff the word count or increase the price of this book. Other reference guides in the category of publishing add extra words and topics that are absolutely not necessary in helping an author or writer get their work published professionally. No personal stories, interviews, essays, proper forms, etc. have been added. This book is full of information and facts and gets directly to the point.

Want to learn more? You can read the full synopsis or why I decided to write this book in the first place on my Amazon authors page. Also, I have a dedicated page on my website for this book here.

The pre-order is currently available here, but may soon be available in all other online book retailers.

Questions? Reply below, use my website contact form, or find me on one of my many social media platforms.

I hope you found this information useful and I hope you believe this is something that will further your writing career or that of someone you know.

Until next time,

TC Michael

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