Welcome to my blog!

My very first blog post…

In a galaxy far, far away… Wait, that’s already taken…

Hello friends and strangers, I am here to present to you my very first blog post! As most of you who have visited my social media profiles already know, I have a website. If you visited my website after my recent launch, you will also know that my website has it’s very own blog built in. Genius! (Or is that just the normal thing to do these days?) Unfortunately I’ve been crunched on time lately; between building my website, writing, and various other things, I have not had time to post yet. So, from henceforth, I shall try to actually use my blog.

I would like to mention the two points of this first post: First, which I kinda, sorta already mentioned is that this is my awesome new blog and website and I would love for you to take a look around. Second, you amazing people who are friends with me on Facebook know I do a neat thing every year during the month of October where I frequently post interesting, cool, or crazy facts about Halloween, autumn, and other creepy stuff. It’s been my tradition going on three years now (I believe). Those who weren’t around to see it last year will surely enjoy it this year.


I’m trying something slightly different this year now that I have a blog though. I’m thinking about posting all the awesome October stuff here on the blog, then sharing it to Facebook and Twitter with an nice catchy description. That way I can post slightly longer articles and insights with more pictures, media, and quotes without bombarding Facebook and annoying those folks. Plus it gives you an excuse to come over and hang out on my blog and website. Additionally, this will allow people outside of my Facebook friends list to interact and post a response to the topic. More people can read about the crazy facts I’ll be talking about.

I’m hoping I can slip in my first post on this topic tomorrow.

Before I go, I would like to invite you to follow, share, and like this blog. Help me get the word out that it actually exists! There should be buttons and options for just about everything.

Thank you kindly friends, and enjoy your beautiful October evening.

TC Michael

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